Young Enterprise Bromsgrove | Sweet Dreamz 

Over the past few months our Director James Vincent supported his old high school by assisting the Young Enterprise Bromsgrove group – Sweet Dreamz, as an ex student James applied his own knowledge and experience through developing his own company to helping the group develop their brand, business and provide them with tips to make sure they keep growing and get through to the next rounds.

“I was so impressed by what the group had produced, they are definitely entreprenuers in the making, their presentation skills were brilliant and watching their product evolve and develop has been great I look forward to seeing what they bring to the finals” James Vincent.

Below is their story, how they developed and what they have planned for the future – enjoy!

We are Sweet Dreamz from North Bromsgrove High School, a group of six Year 12 students aiming to raise awareness of the health benefits of essential oils.  We hand make a diverse range of cushions, scented pouches and scented key rings from donated and recycled materials. We are passionate in helping individuals with their health and wellbeing, which inspired us to produce a product that would achieve this.  How would we achieve this?

From the beginning, we wanted to make a product that incorporated essential oils; our research demonstrated the many positive impacts aromatherapy has on our well-being.  We required a product that would promote the use of essential oils and ensure they benefitted our customers, applying the design mix. In order to achieve this, we needed to ensure all our products were aesthetically pleasing, at a cost consumers are willing and able to pay and had a clear function. Then the idea of producing scented cushions sprung to mind! This led to more decisions such as how will we scent these cushions? What if consumers like a certain cushion but it has a scent they do not like? Well, the answer to this was to sell our scents separately to our cushions. To do this, we made scented pouches. To scent these pouches, we simply combined our essential oils with grains of rice, which absorbs the scent and holds it for longer.

Our scented pouches come in a set of two and are designed to go in the back of your cushion or pillow. We have a variety of scents including lavender, vanilla, cinnamon, grapefruit and rose. These scents were based on feedback from our market research. Each of the scents has a positive impact on our health.  Each scent can help people who have health related problems including anxiety or depression. It can also help individuals who may be feeling stressed, suffering from insomnia or low self-esteem. Most of us suffered at least one of these symptoms at some point.


Lavender helps reduce stress, anxiety. It is an excellent natural remedy to treat insomnia and improve sleep quality. Vanilla instantly makes you feel at ease, it’s soothing fragrance can help you fall asleep faster. Likewise, vanilla fragrance also reduces stress and anxiety.  Cinnamon helps concentration and performance.  Rose boosts self-esteem, confidence and mental strength and fights depression and anxiety as the scent helps to stop the release of stress chemicals into the bloodstream.  Grapefruit has uplifting and relaxing effect on your mind, it is a natural anti-depressant which can help relieve anxiety and stress.  Tea tree clears your mind and leaves you feeling refreshed.


All our cushions and scented pouches were made from donated and recycled materials from cancer research and the public.  Sustainability is extremely important to Sweet Dreamz, so we produced our products accordingly.  Due to our materials being donated, we struggled to create a cohesive theme with our cushions and relate to younger customers.  After having some Disney bags donated to us, we bought some more to upcycle into cushions in order to appeal to a younger audience. We wanted to make even more products to apply to a wider group.  We continued to strive for a quality product at a low cost; hence, we began to make scented key rings! We were sure that these would be popular as they are unique and of course, not expensive.


We have had three selling opportunities so far. Our first was at Worcester Cathedral on 1st December 2018.  We were all excited but nervous too as we all had little experience in communicating with the public.  This experience forced us out of our comfort zone; we enjoyed the challenge and felt much more confident in talking to customers.  Here, we sold mainly cushions, although we were delighted that customers liked our cushions, we wanted to sell more of our scented pouches as they promote what we do and have an impact on individual’s health. We received constructive feedback from both the public and the judges. We also won 2nd Place, which motivated us to try even harder for our next Trade Fair.


Another selling opportunity we attended was our school Sixth Form Fashion Show. This was a quiet event compared to our last selling opportunity, but we still had a few sales. It was also a great chance for us to hand out leaflets we had created and receive further feedback. From this event, we wanted to focus on our brand image more. We made a logo as soon as we set up our company, as we knew it would be important throughout.   We still needed to do more.   With this endeavour, we created labels; the labels attached to our pouch sets by donated ribbon, our logo on one side, and the health benefits of the scent on the other side. Similarly, our cushion labels had the logo on one side and price on the other.


Our third selling opportunity was at Webbs Garden Centre on the 2nd March. We had improved both our stand and products and hoped that we would sell more of our scented pouches.  We had written a blog which was kindly shared by Hot Source Creative.  We wanted to promote our scents and their benefits on our health and wellbeing.   Additionally, we wanted to show that we are not an ordinary cushion making company and emphasise that we hand make scented cushions! To do this, we changed the aesthetics of our pouches and sold them in sets of two.  We were highly successful, again, winning ‘Best Sales Team’!   The judges were very complimentary stating that we were very customer focused and this boosted our confidence talking to the public.


On the 21st March we attended the Young Enterprise Presentation Evening where we competed against other teams in North Worcestershire. We had to present a four-minute presentation in front of an audience.  Again, we were quite nervous; this was the furthest we had been taken out of our comfort zone.  Nevertheless, we delivered our presentation and received very positive feedback.  All Managing Directors were presented with an award, there were a many more to come! This is by far the most successful event we have attended.  Winning the ‘Customer Service Award’ was a great achievement as it proved we were accomplishing our goal of meeting customer needs. We also won ‘Best use of IT’, again, we were very happy with this award as we put a lot of time and effort into all of our social media platforms.  Almost six months after beginning Young Enterprise journey and investing our time and effort into our company, we won the ‘North Worcestershire Winner’ award! Fortunately, this means we are through to next round to continue competing. We have accomplished so much is such a short time and are going to continue to strive and push ourselves further and help as many individuals with their health and well being as we can!

If you want to know about Sweet Dreamz or how Hot Source Creative got involved then message us today or reach out to us on social media and we would be happy to answer any questions you have!