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Worcester Food Festival, a great three days of fantastic food, amazing people and great companies all showcasing what they have to offer to the people of Worcester! Now if you didn’t know, we were there, no we didn’t have a stand as such.. but we were on someone’s stand as Hot Source event support.

Fudge Shop WorcesterWe spent three days supporting one of our clients through some of the service Hot Source offers, they were; Event support, public speaking, digital marketing and PR! These are just a few of the amazing services we can offer your brand to take it to the next level.

Before the event we made sure we promoted the festival and times we were speaking to push more people to the high street to come visit, this was through a range of social media channels.

Worcester Food Festival

On the days of the event we had live filming, press coverage and social media support to drive people to the stand. Then on the last day we made sure we pushed people from the stand to their bar using vouchers which we could then track conversions.

The Worcester Food Festival was a great few days, the event so well we even had the Worcester Mayor on the stand and we even made it to the news which such a great achievement.

Worcester Food Fest

A big thanks to The Brick Room team, the bartenders, cooks and management team they did such a great job throughout the festival and the food and cocktails were so good, actually they were so good on the Sunday we went through 190 bagels in 30 minutes…

Prosecco Worcester

Make sure you visit their bar on New Street, you never know you may catch us there! If you want to know more about how we supported our client then get in contact with us today on 01527 832 365 or you can e-mail us at contact@hotsourcecreative.com

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Gin shop worcesterHave a great everyone,


Hot Source team.