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Hot Source is an industry leading digital marketing agency, one of our popular services in video production, creating innovative promotional films for a vast range of clients to support their promotion online. So if you’re looking for a video development agency Bromsgrove based then carry on reading.

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We are a team of passionate creative from the west midlands area, with a extensive knowledge and huge experience in staying current, following trends and being on the forefront of video change. So if you’re looking for a video agency that can help you grow your business online with video development then choose Hot Source, let’s get you known, let’s shout about the great things you do.

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For many people digital can be a little scary, covered with smoke and mirrors but here at Hot Source we clear the air and show how we can help you. The world of marketing is changing and your business has to keep on the curve of change or you’ll be left behind.

When you work with us, your brand comes alive, we shout about all the great things your business does to an audience like no other. Think of us an another arm of your business, we take all the amazing things you are doing, pile it into a slick video and get it online to show it to the world.

If a picture says a 1000 thousands what does a video say?

Here at Hot Source we work with a range of video development companies in Bromsgrove, Worcester and beyond. We create the perfect team you need for your brand. From small corporate style videos to music videos we have the team you need ready to go. It doesn’t matter if you are a start up or established our videos services are here to help.

Hanbury Show used video promotion instead of print to showcase everything that the show could offer as a result in the first 3 hours of posting the video on their Facebook page it had over 3.5k views more exposure than they ever had.

So if you’re looking for a great video development agency then get in contact today on you can reach out to us on If you’d like to know a bit more about Hot Source and what we’ve been up to recently then reach out to us on social media where you can see all the latest things we’ve been up to.