The Best Twitter Trends 2021

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world with more than 330 million people using it every day. After starting as a fun and easy way of connecting users with celebrities Twitter became a venue for flash news and brand advertising. If you want to include it in your future marketing campaigns, you should follow these Twitter trends for 2021.

1.   Social Awareness Will Play a Crucial Role

In 2021, social media will suffer from the side effects of all the major events in 2020. The fight for racial equality and gender equality will continue with complete disregard for those who oppose it. Brands that will not prove their awareness to the zeitgeist will lose followers, credibility, and subsequently customers.

2.   The Battle against Fake News Becomes Fiercer

A study on the prevalence of fake news on social media showed that false news stories are 70% more likely to be retweeted on Twitter than true ones. While the platform has tried frantically to stop the publishing and spread of misinformation, the issue remains large and nearly insurmountable for those trying to eradicate it.

In 2021, you should expect more tweets to be flagged as inaccurate. Brands will have to double-check their posts before publishing them and ensure that they do not adhere involuntarily to a campaign of misinformation.

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3.   Video Content Becomes Favorite Marketing Tool

Although it’s not the most popular platform for video content, Twitter should see an increase in video posts in 2021. Studies show that tweets with embedded video have a 10% higher chance of engagement.

Marketers will look to take advantage of the growing appetite of social media users for video content, regardless of its length or topic. In this regard, creating eye-catching thumbnail images for your Twitter video posts will prove crucial in the quest to attract more viewers and potential customers.

4.   Tweets Become More Memetic

Social media enables easy communication between users through ample and various ways, including text, video, voice, emojis, and memes. The latter are humorous images or clips that spread rapidly among internet users who can easily recognize their message even when they do not specify one.

In 2021, Twitter should see an increase in memes as part of tweets, and sometimes, being the only message they convey. Memes are popular among younger generations of social media users who have now come of age and feel the need to express themselves on Twitter.

Marketers and brands will naturally look to emulate their behavior and communicate to the youngest of consumers through relevant memes.

5.   Conversational Marketing Becomes the Norm

One of the most popular Twitter trends for 2021 will see advertising picking up a conversational tone. As the consumer market incorporates more social media users from the Millennial and Gen Z groups, formal language in marketing takes the backseat.

Advertising on Twitter will appeal to the younger generations, and therefore, have a more direct approach. Brands will try to connect with their audiences with a one-to-one approach and create a more human buying experience.