Self Paced Digital Marketing Courses

Are you wanting a self paces digital marketing course? Something you can learn from home or your office without feeling pressured into getting everything done all in one go? Here at Hot Source we offer a range of solutions so you can learn a new skill today at your own pace.

digital marketing self paced courses

Learning digital marketing got a whole lot easier.

You want to learn digital marketing, for whatever reason that may be. From strengthening your career, trying a new direction or just wanting to learn something new. The problem you have is time, it can be hard to complete courses that are time restrictive, you have busy lives we get that. But with our self paced digital marketing courses you learn a new skill all at our own place, win win.

A new way to learn, a better way.

With new digital technologies fundamentally reshaping the playing field for a lot of businesses we are seeing a real shift in the demand for new skills. We are living in a time where we are bombarded by information all the time, which has naturally made it harder to consume data that is important but with our tried and tested methods of online and long distance training we can help you learn the right way, a way which will not only benefit your intake of knowledge but the way you apply it to your job or business from day one.

This online program will expose you to expert instruction from our personal trainers, which will teach you a range of new skills that you want to learn, all from your own pace and only the skills you want to learn.

Overview of one of our courses – breakdown for self learning.

So many people that apply digital marketing miss a vital step, the planning and research phase which causes a lot of business to react instead of being prepared. With our courses we make sure that you learn the essentials of digital marketing the right way, this way you cover everything you need, this way when the course is completed you will have the knowledge to apply.

Here is a breakdown of what you will learn from our digital marketing essentials course:

Module 1: Strategy & Planning
Module 2: Essentials of WordPress and building
Module 3: Essentials of SEO and application
Module 4: Essentials of Content Marketing and promotion
Module 5: Essentials of Email Marketing with MailChimp
Module 6: Analytica & Structural Reporting

self paced digital marketing


If you’re interesting in learning digital marketing at your own pace and want to join onto one of our courses then reach out to us today through our contact form and we will be happy to respond to any questions you might have.