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Are you are looking for a public speaking training course? Need help with presentations, interviews or confidence to speak up in meetings? Whatever your speaking needs, I can help.

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I have worked with a range of schools, private companies and all ages. Public speaking is a fantastic tool that doesn’t always get taught, it can hold you back in your career and it makes it harder to push forward when you need to.

I always remember this story one of my mentors told me, he spoke about a guy in his industry, a top ranking CEO got all the way through his career pushing public speaking to the side. He even got awarded a the top ranking award in his industry and would refuse to stand on the stage to receive it.

Improve your confidence today

Public speaking training courses

Would you like to speak in front of a group with ease and presence? And if that was possible, what could you do with your life?

Take a James Vincent public speaking course and I promise you will see real change in how you think, feel and speak as future presenters. Whether it’s an open course for your personal development, or looking to help your business team. I deliver professional and practical presentation training, with up to date techniques to make you feel confident and ready for your next event.

Be confident, be bold.

Don’t let public speaking stop you from progressing in your field, stand confident, be bold and get those heads turning. All my courses, can be catered to you, location and time. I make it easy to learn new skills at the rate you want to.

public speaking courses

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