Poston Mill Herefordshire History

Poston Mill sits in the Golden Valley, a land where Marcher Lords once lived and the home of Blanche Parry, personal maid to Elizabeth 1st. Stay  with us and explore this unspoilt landscape which time forgot, wake up to ‘Dragon’s breath’ mist and tranquil surroundings.
In 1881 the Golden Valley Railway was built to run initially from Pontrilas to Dorstone and eventually to Hay 0n Wye. During construction the river Dore had its natural path diverted to create a straight line and the river alongside Poston gives a natural boundary line to the famous Turnastone court on the other side.1970 camping herefordshire

Turnastone was the home of Rowland Vaughan who introduced an irrigation system to improve grass and hay production (1559-1629), you can use the footpaths to cross the first meadows to have been ‘drowned’.
There has been a working mill at Poston since 1588 and was certainly the largest and longest serving mill in the valley, the current Restaurant building was a working flour mill and bakery in the 1970’s.

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The footprint which the Park now sits on was used for farming, some was set aside for a handful of Holiday Homes alongside the River Dore and a field for touring and camping. The current owners bought the property in the 1990’s and have progressively improved and increased the number of Holiday Homes on site and created a structured touring and camping area.
A Gold David Bellamy award for over 10 years shows the parks commitment to conservation and wildlife but at the same time improving the quality of facilities for all our customers including pets.

Outdoor recreation for the children with plenty of fresh air and freedom to play and a designated dog field for the family pet to run free and ample walking around the park or across the fields gives everyone a healthy break from the conflicts of life.

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