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Wollaston Dental Practice is owned and run Dr Kenneth Moylan. His original Implant training was at the well respect Bicon Institute in Boston USA with further advanced surgical training in the UK. His dental practice is in the heart of Stourbridge and is open to everyone. They offer a great range of services from dental implants, teeth whitening, crowns & bridges, veneers, K-clear and so much more.

Website and consultancy development

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Wollostan Dental commissioned Hot Source to develop a new website for their practice. This website had to be fresh, modern and had to be able to make bookings and allow people to create free quotes. In addition, the website had to be custom built so it was unique for their visitors. As well as this the website had to reflect their brand without losing their original customers online.

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Hot Source Creative started off by having a range of meetings to fully understand what type of website Wollaston wanted to create and achieve from their website, once this had been discussed we then created a range of mood boards to decide what colour palettes would suit their business and match their brand. After this had been completed, we created a wire-frame design to see how the website would work for customers, what we needed to make sure it achieved and that it was built so users could use it effectively and quickly.

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Once the website have been created we then launched it and promoted it through their range of social media channels, shared it to their existing customers to get a range of feedback to see how users engaged with it. We had a great range of positive feedback from people that they enjoyed using the new website, it was quick and easy to use and they were able to obtain the information they wanted and book an appointment. In addition to this, we had hosted them on our secure hosting platforms to keep them fast secure and ready to grow.


If you want to know more about Wollaston Dental Practice then head over to their website and you can browse all the amazing services they have to offer. They provide a welcoming, professional and caring practice. As a popular provider of dental implacts, teeth whitening and other services in the Stourbridge area they are the first choice for many people. They pride themselves on being the best dentist and affordable treatment for all their patients.

“A great dental practice, open to everyone!”

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