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Farrier House is luxury lifestyle student accommodation in the heart of Worcester city centre. Hot Source Creative were commissioned by them to support then in a variety of services, from social media, consultancy, website development, SEO and more. Farrier House student accommodation holds amazing facilities, glowing reviews in a fantastic location, we are so grateful to be able to work with them.

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Over the last 18 months we have supporting Virginia House with their social media management, we were commissioned to get their location on the Worcester map, making sure we reached local audiences as well as demographics that would have have the potential in living there. We worked on content creation, advertisements, group management and overall brand growth.


With our extensive ties in the Worcester, Worcestershire area we worked with Virginia House in a range of digital consultancy areas, advising and assisting them in areas that could be improved and developed, working with staff to raise brand profile and strategy development which helped the overall direction of the business grow.


Throughout lock-down we were also tasked with supporting their growth on the search engines, one of the big tasks we had was to shift our efforts to make sure that potential people wanting to book in a viewing or look at potentially living their had all the information available to them online and we ranked higher than competitors.

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We continue to work with Virginia House in the management of their social media accounts, consultancy and SEO manor. Working closely with them to improve their overall exposure, their brand and help with conversions of people viewing the location. We have been able to increase their following massively, by nearly 370% increase and positive brand exposure.

In addition, we have worked continuously on the management of their websites, making sure they rank higher in the search engines. Managing pages that help their overall ranking against competitors. Work included, page creation, page correction, landing pages and article creation.

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