Tin And Glass Consultants Ecommerce Website

Tin & Glass Consultants Ltd are a UK-based, internationally operating training and events company. Throughout COVID-19 they wanted to adapt their business to a more digital market, looking at selling products online, from cocktail pouches to cocktail making kits. They are a forward thinking company that are offering great services to clients all around the world. For all your bartender training, drinks and events needs they are definitely worth contacting!

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Hot Source Creative was commissioned by Tin and Glass consultants to look at updating their website with a fresh design, something that matched the growth of their company. We worked with them closely to come up with a design that didn't just match their brand but was future proof for them. After a series of designs had been made we pitched the colour schemes and layouts to Tin and Glass and agreed a design that they wanted to further develop.


One of the big tasks that Tin and Glass wanted us to look at was creating a high level e-commerce shop that didn't just sell products but also had multiple functionalities depending on the type of order someone was creating. After testing of different output methods we created shop functions that worked to their requirements. This shop could allow potential customers to select multiple cocktails to make custom orders.


Throughout the development of the website we made sure that it was SEO optimised. Looking into the page development, structure and layout to make sure that their website is indexed by the search engines at an accelerated rate. We worked closely in how the pages were created and matched this to potential keywords they could rank for. We made sure that the migration of the old website to new was done correctly and we didn't loose any powerful rankings they already had.

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Hot Source worked very closely with Tin and Glass consultants to develop a modern, fresh and high functioning website that had a range of functionality to adapt to the hospitality market. We created a E-commerce website to their specifications in the time frame required, worked closely with their team to make sure the design that was developed matched their brand guidelines and continued to advise all the way through and post development to make sure their website worked for them. After the website was completed for Tin and Glass we then trained them on how to use the shop, manage orders and see any changes that were applicable to the management of orders.

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