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Statcom Telecoms is a family run telephone and cabling company based in the heart of Worcester, this great company offers a range of services that can support all your IT needs. Statcom offer a huge choice of VOIP and traditional business telephone systems based on your needs and requirements. What’s even better is that they can also install fibre, Wi-Fi, CAT6, CAT5E cable systems and so much more so no matter how big or small your job is Statcom telecoms can help today.


Hot Source was required to firstly audit their website to understand exactly what was working and what wasn’t, through this audit we could break down exactly what was creating traffic and what was holding them back. Once we had this information we could then create a digital strategy plan that could help them in their website growth. The website required a range of improvement from correcting blog posts, page structure, SEO  and user journey problems and more.

In addition to this we were required to grow their social media channels and brand awareness as they had just had a new brand developed. Using up to date modern digital techniques to grow their brand, traffic and improve overall digital growth for their business.


Hot Source initially analysed the website, creating a structured and detailed audit of action points we could follow to improve their website traffic, created a digital strategy to go improve their user journey and make customers and could easily navigate through the website quickly and efficiently.

In addition to this Hot Source went through each one of their pages and blog posts pointing out the SEO issues they had which were holding them back and one by one started correcting, optimising and resubmitting these pages to the search engines, all while using new keyword techniques to understand what people were searching to find their services.

Lastly with their social media accounts we firstly audited them to see what what working for them and where they needed improvement, created them a social media strategy and then developed content plans to make them more well known in their industry and in the Worcestershire area.


The project saw results right after the first month.  From the start we were able to rank Statcom Telecoms website in the search engines even though it had experienced some difficulty with relevant visibility in the past.  The team took control of certain keywords related to their industry, improved the search and journey experience on the website and produced a stronger value domain overall. In addition to this we corrected all their major problems their website was having, grew their traffic and helped the overall growth of their business online.

We saw massive increases in social media exposure, all social media accounts had massive increase in growth and impressions and saw a positive return in their brand awareness and service awareness. We believe as time goes on their company will keep having positive growth.