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Spring Forward Landscaping offer top quality landscape services. They are passionate about transforming your garden whatever your needs. Always competitive and with an outstanding customer service!


Hot Source were required to analyse their company, both internally and externally and understand how their company was performing online, we were tasked with raising overall brand awareness on their social media and other digital platforms, understanding their current demographic and desired audiences and then working out how to target them at an affordable and efficient way!


Hot Source Creative initially analysed the Landscaping industry in the Worcestershire area, segmenting into areas of interest from competitors, desired customers and potential collaborators, we did this by using in house analysis programs to understand how their market was evolving, adapting and changing in the digital sphere.

We developed a high end social media strategy for a three month execution basis, once this was created we starting implementing straight away. We targeted specific parts of the landscaping industry and the related interested parties. Using this plan we then started the social media growth strategy which would grow their accounts, raise brand awareness and thus increase overall sales conversions through digital platforms.

Our social media campaign identified where potential customers were hanging out, what they cared about and how to chat to them. It’s a constantly evolving strategy, shifting emphasis in line with audience opinion.


The project saw results the minute the social media strategy was implemented. The social media strategy was executed to start pushing forward to their desired audiences which over a three month period saw massive growth, overall, their brand awareness has increased two fold with an increase in new enquiries through their desired social media channels. The competitions we ran of the chosen platforms raised their company image and resulted in enquiries from places we hoped to target.

We expect as the months go on this will further increase and keep up with the forever changing digital market, it will also allow them to compete with a great competitive advantage.


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If you would like to know more about what we did for Spring Forward Landscaping and the social media return we produced for them, then get in contact today or reach out to us on social media. In the meantime, read one of our latest blog posts here.