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The opening doors to business program created by the North Worcestershire EDR and supported by the RSA Academies give students a more impact direction to start their careers. This program allows school pupils to have an increased awareness of local opportunities and have more useful encounters will local employers to help them on their career path and give them the guidance they need.

Website Development  & Media Support

This programme was first developed in Wyre Forest, then piloted through RSA Academies and the NWEDR (North Worcestershire Economic Development and Regeneration Service) This involved schools and employers in Redditch.

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Hot Source Creative was commissioned by Opening Doors to solve a problem they had which was they weren’t ranking online and that their website wasn’t being found which made it hard for employers, students and people of interest to find them online. We had to create a website which was mobile compatible, quick, modern and could showcase the businesses that had joined them as well as the relevant information people would need.

In addition to this we had to implement SEO to make sure they can be found online, so we had to research what people were most likely searching and then create engaging and relevant content to answer that.


Once Hot Source had the green light to create the website we first of all started off with a range of meeting with Opening Doors to work out who exactly the website needed to be targeted to, by finding this out we could then work out how it needed to be built and the user journey we needed to create.

We then worked out how users would be most likely accessing the website, from desktop, mobile or tablet. From this information we decided on the best user journeys and layouts to combat time and ease of use.

After this had been agreed and signed off we then worked out a few design ideas from colour schemes and information layout. Lastly we created a series of content pieces that could be targeted through SEO to answer the questions people had online.

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After the website had been completed we launched it online and hosted it on our own hosting services to give them a secure and fast platform to work on. After a short period we were already ranking at the top of first page on google and had fantastic feedback from the team and employers.

If you’d like to know more about Opening Doors To Business then head over to their website where you can download their latest brochure and see all the amazing businesses that have got on board with them and all the great things they are doing for students and employers about the Worcestershire area.

“Love our new website, everyone’s happy!”

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