NO13 Emporium Worcester

No.13 Emporium is a unique retail experience, full of curiosities, antiquities, lighting, furniture, soft furnishings, and even a Man Cave that has one off unique made items that will definitely take your interest. They also offer several services including sewing, upholstery, custom orders, upcycled industrial lighting and hand made crafts to a range of customers across the midlands.



Over the three month campaign we worked with NO.13 Emporium to create a stronger foundation on their social media. We were commissioned to looked at their current accounts and provide a clean up that would not only allow them a better platform to potentially grow but also advertise their products to new audiences at an accelerated rate. They wanted to use social media to reach potential customers digitally so they weren't dependant on their physical shop.


With our extensive ties in the Worcester, Worcestershire area we worked with NO13 to continuedly advise them on the best practices for their social media and digital platforms to make sure they were getting the most out of their platforms. We helped advise them on the best strategies to use the platforms they had to grow the accounts, increase likes and comments while continuing a high level brand consistency.


One of the key elements NO13 Emporium was lacking was content creation, they needed to make sure that the photography taken and captions made matched the products they were trying to sell, as their products were usually unique and one of a kind. We needed to create content that told a story to the potential customer, that would entice them to contact and enquire about potentially buying. We looked at a range of designs we thought would match their business and decided on a traditional fonts/design but with a modern twist to it. Creating content that was used for social media that a range of demographics could engage with. This led to an increase in direct messages to their Instagram/Facebook account which helped them push potential products out the door quicker so they could put new products on the shop floor.

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We worked with NO.13 Emporium over a three month campaign to create a stronger social media foundation. We worked closely with both of the owners to create a consistent brand which reflected their company image as well as the direction they were taking. We corrected the accounts they had, great the following at an exponential rate over the campaign time and helped push their exposure to new audiences.