Murder Trial Event Worcester | PR Promotion

Murder Trial Event Worcester | PR Promotion

The Murder Trial Event is an immersive live concept which is incredibly educational entertaining an event like no other. The event was created by trained barristers, it the closest experience to the real thing. This great event has the ability to trigger intense debates and conversations. You will influence team building and install impact decision making to find out the truth and what’s even better its backed by BBC’S Dragons den.

The Live Murder Trial Event Worcester


Hot Source Creative was required to create a promotional campaign for the Murder Trial Event by the ITAE Group, as the event was coming to Worcester we were tasked by creating and executing an intensive campaign that would promote the event in a short time to get more people booking on the event and to raise digital awareness of other events that they also offered.


Hot Source Creative initially analysed the networks we had and then from past campaigns we analysed where we believed the Murder Trial Event would have the best return for promotion. Once we then developed an intensive campaign to promote the event in a hyper-local area. Using channels like Discover Worcestershire/Discover Worcester and local magazines we pushed the event to them. Once this was completed we then watched the return to see which channels created the best return for them.


The project saw great results right after the first posting. From the start we saw a great positive feedback from people in the Worcester area, with a lot of influential local people engaging with the news and enquiring about the event. The social channels and news outlets we used created an intensive digital growth and awareness for the ITAE Group.


Murder Trial Live Event

If you’d like to know more about the Murder Trial Event then you can see more on their website today. Or you can reach out to us on 07528000488 and we will be happy to answer any questions you have. In the meantime, head over to our portfolio and see some of our recent work, in addition make sure you follow us on Instagram for all the latest news.

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