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Magic App Machine, is an app development based in Worcestershire by Andy Dyer. He specializing in designing and developing robust mobile apps to create engaging customer experiences and business services. Apps are on the rise and aren’t going anywhere anytime soon! He offers a 360º approach to mobile software development, from idea and solution design through to product launch, then monthly maintenance and future product development. This way his apps grow day on day and keep their brand, traffic and leads coming in.


Hot Source was commissioned to completely rebuild the Magic App machine website. The focus of the website was to develop a fully responsive layout and integrate a striking portfolio. The website had to be forward thinking, modern and slick with the approach to showcase the amazing app development he has been working on.


Hot Source created the new website based around a technology and creative combination, using a layout which would be appealing to the customer eyes. In addition, to focus more on the portfolio work and the showcase of the great clients he had worked with. Considerable attention was spent ensuring that the site was responsive and suitable for all platforms. We created brand new copy to ensure the site was rank for the right phrases and ensured his position in the search engines.


The project was developed over a three month period – a time period required to source all the new materials that were to be included in the site. The project was delivered on schedule and in time for the 2020 app launch. If you’d like to know more about what we did for Magic App Machine or the website development we provided for them then call us on 01527 832 365 or email us at and we will be happy to answer any questions you have.

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