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Paddy is an award winning designer with 30 years of design and engineering experience. From Senior Product Design at top 5 agency – Philips Design to Head of Product Design at QinetiQ. He has been the Strategic Product Manager of a £16bn portfolio in Aerospace. As a founder of Invizio, Paddy loves applying his experience to new projects small and large. He finds great satisfaction in finding the perfect fusion between great function and appealing aesthetic.


Hot Source Creative was required to consult on their digital channels and website, to advise on solutions for more potential leads and higher exposure with a plan to push an overall promotion of their business.We were also required to produce a digital content plan that will be executed through social channels, website and press channels.


Hot Source initially analysed their market to understand what their sector was doing online, as well as what their industry was posting and distributing through social and press. Once we completed this we then created a digital content plan that could be used by Invizio over a four month period. In addition to that we then created a series of press releases that were shared to relevant magazines and online blogs to get their news out and raised their brand awareness.

We also created them a social media content plan and a three month schedule to be distributed to their networks, we created high end engaging content to improve their social growth and brand.


The project saw results right after the first month. From the start we saw higher exposure and conversions through social media channels. We improved overall brand awareness using our digital channels, their and our affiliate channels. We then pushed out press releases into the news and local magazines to push out more news about them to raise their brand awareness, in addition to this we also saw higher relevant traffic on their website which made their overall website stronger.


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