Freeva Domestic Violence Charity

Website development, Social media & Consultancy



Free-VA is a registered charity based in Leicester, working towards reducing domestic violence, rape and sexual assault. They provide specialist support and information to anyone affected by domestic violence, rape and sexual assault – they work closely with other agencies to ensure the right support is in place for you. They offer a range of support options for victims and perpetrators. They work with countless people across Leicestershire, offering a transparent, reliable and user friendly service for victims/survivors, perpetrators and professionals
Holding ourselves accountable to all stakeholders.


We were required by Freeva Charity to support them through a range of services from website development, social media strategy, brand development, consultancy and more.

Website: The new website had to created in a way that could offer both victims and perpetrators real time support as well as showcasing the kind of information support people needed, as the average user on the website would have limited time to get the information they needed we wanted to create something that could be easily used making the user journey fluid so they could quickly access information and get off.

Brand: This had to be approachable and modern while also creating something that was memorable for future projects, it needed to be adaptable to social media, website, press and future promotion. As this was a charity brand we felt that it was best to create a community vote where we could get their influence of key shareholders, staff and volunteers.

Social media: They wanted their overall social media exposure massively increased so they could reach new markets and showcase to larger audiences the services they offer.


Initially starting with a full brand redevelopment to create them something more modern and fresh that matches their future plans and overall ethos. Once this was created and signed off we then created a new interactive website which could provide informational support, real time support through web chat functionalities and showcased real life case studies and information for victims and perpetrators. Hot Source Creative initially audited their website to understand their key issues, from this we understood where there were health issues with the current site, where they ranked for certain keywords and phrases and what changes needed to be made to develop their site further. Once this was completed we then processed to create a digital competitor analysis to see how they compared to other people in similar industries.

While this was in development, we assisted in the management and growth of their social media channels, with the main objective to offer a support to their followers as well as younger generation of people that may reach out on social media than call the helpline. In addition to this to grow their accounts and increase an overall brand exposure. To do this we audited a range of similar charities to understand what support was available to victims and where we felt we could offer more support to vulnerable people.

Lastly we provided overall marketing consultancy and direction to keep the support high, offer new types of outlets for people that needed support while growing their overall charity image through public relations, video development, cut through social media content and more.


Once the brand was completed it was implemented across the board, bringing a more modern approach to their charity which got great feedback across the board. This definitely lifted the exposure of the charity and connected with more audiences. Once the website was launched we saw a great surge of traffic which we predict as time goes on this will increase. The social media channels grew positively over the months reaching new audiences as well as people Freeva gave support to creating a stronger brand and wider community. We predict as time goes on their charity will grow and keep expanding positively through digital outlets which means they will be able to provide more support to larger audiences.


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