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Brookes Catering in Worcester area an award winning catering company. They started 15 year ago and since then have flourished and grown. Brookes Catering have worked within the local area providing catering requirements for loads of companies, events and businesses around the Worcestershire area their services include corporate lunches, BBQ’s, weddings, funerals, parties and more.


Hot Source Creative was commissioned by Brookes Catering to initially assess their website, to understand what was working for them, their market and how well they were ranking. There was initially a list of problems with how their website was running, their user journey and how customers were finding them. In addition to this we were asked to analyse their social media accounts to see how they were performing, raise their brand awareness and push more traffic to their website through the desired social channels.


Hot Source initially analysed the catering market in Worcester and further to see how well they were doing in comparison to their competitors. We checked out how their traffic was performing. Once we completed this we then created a digital content plan that could be used by Brookes Catering over a six month period. In addition to that we then created a series of press releases that were shared to relevant magazines and online blogs to get their news out and raised their brand awareness.

We created a keyword analysis to understand where Brookes Catering could target online, from this we found areas in which we could go after using strategic landing pages to improve their traffic generation and potential customers.

Lastly, we had created a content plan for their social media channels to improve overall awareness, this was to improve the traffic to their website, create a stronger known brand in the Worcestershire area and help get them more well known with local businesses. We also created them a social media content plan and monthly schedules to be distributed to their networks, we created high end engaging content to improve their social growth and brand this included photography, video, adverts and more.


The project saw results right after the first month. From the start we saw higher exposure and conversions through social media channels. We improved overall brand awareness using our digital channels and our affiliate channels. We then pushed out press releases into the news and local magazines to push out more news about them to raise their brand awareness.

The landing page strategy saw great results by targeting relevant keywords to their business and industry. We improved their traffic to their website and developed stronger pages targeting search terms we knew their potential customers were searching to find a service like theirs. We believe as time goes on the Brookes Catering website will become stronger with improved traffic, social awareness and growth online.

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