Asia Asia Food Hall Birmingham | Photography

Asia Asia Food Hall Birmingham | Photography

Asia Asia Food Hall Birmingham offers a concept that is not offered anywhere else in Birmingham! Inside the beautiful building in the heard of Bullring is a great two storey restaurant which offers a brilliant range of food. What’s great about this place is that you can bring a range of friends/family and everyone can choose something different and all sit together.

Asia Asia Food Hall Birmingham



Hot Source Creative was briefed to take a range of photography for their website, menus, social and future advertisements. The photography had to showcase the new restaurants that had joined the Asia Asia Food Hall and present the amazing food they have to offer. They’ve briefed about the type of photography they wanted and how they wanted the food presented.


Asia Asia Food Hall


Hot Source Creative worked at the Asia Asia Food Hall in Birmingham for the day working with their team to take photography for their new menu and working along side the restaurants to showcase all their amazing food and all the great stuff they have to offer.


From the photos featured you can see a snippet of the type of work we had produced on the day. If you would like to see the full range of photography work we created then get in contact using the details below.

If you’d like to know more about Asia Asia Food Hall then get in contact on 07528000488 or you can see our latest news on our social media.  In the meantime head over to our blog section and see our latest blog posts.


At Hot Source, we take great pride in caring about your brand and understanding the need to adjust our food photography to your needs and requirements. All the picture content we create integrates seamlessly with our clients’ brands and what they want to achieve. As well as where they see their brand going in the future.

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