Lord Timepieces Watch Review

Today I will be reviewing LORD Timepieces watch and I am quite excited to be using the Chrono Gunmetal Tan from their Chronograph collection, from their whole range the following is more to my taste! In case you haven’t come across the name, LORD Timepieces is a brand based in the UK who design an array of watches (or should I say timepieces?) that is then “assembled” in China. It all started with the idea of having premium watches available without the need of having to pay a premium price, however, that in itself is dated as most watch companies share the same goals, “affordability”, not quite unique or moving is it? However, what is inspiring is the “mission” they have today, compared to when they first began in 2015, it is quite eloquently put, using time wisely for one’s dreams and aspirations. What better way than to use it now and dive right in to see what the fuss is about!?


I was met when unpacking the piece with a sharp, sleek and compact black box case. It looks so stylish and luxurious with everything being black, what only stands out is the shining black logo on the sleeve of the case and brand name on the top lid. The Chronograph is nicely fitted in the velvety cushions so I’m assured there are no buffs or marks while in transit. What I also think can be underestimated is how most fashion brands these days aren’t as ergonomic, they have excessive amounts of materials and packaging (dare say even reusable/recyclable?!), which makes me thoroughly impressed how thoughtful and simple it was presented, from start to finish. All necessary!  Picking up the Chronograph from the case I could already gauge the weight of it, to me it felt heavy but that can easily be translated to solid and well constructed. Luckily the face size (45mm) didn’t look as big as it sounds, I’m already getting the sense of an industrial aesthetic especially from the Gunmetal colour of the dial and case, including the thickness that is confirmed to be 11.5mm. 

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Now wearing the Chrono Gunmetal Tan it is not as heavy as it appears to be, nor does it come across as too much of an “action man” accessory which was my fear with the use of the gunmetal colour and dials. The lighter accents of the powder blue on the arms and tan strap detracts this, therefore I personally believe it has the potential to be used for formal dress/business occasions. 


The strap will need time to soften as it is quite stiff, it has nice plump padding in the middle so it’s quite risen rather it being flat with stitching that matches the colour of the tan strap. I’m hoping the colour of the strap will maintain through general wear and tear, however, I am comforted by the thought of it being genuine Italian leather. The buckle also matches the gunmetal dial, it’s always complimentary to have a simple colour scheme, no more than 3 or 4 colours I believe is very effective to match with a wide variety of clothes, a rule of thumb I live by! I can also see the straps have a clever locking system with no tools needed to change this if prefered, from looking at their range of straps (22mm), a mesh, link or silicone variety can be sourced. For now, I’m quite happy with keeping to what it came with as its an unusual array of colours together, however, I am disappointed there is a limited variety of the Chronograph colours in the collection. 

Looking at the gunmetal dial has a nice layout, the hour markings are in simple dots, the only distinct marking is the 12 as a luminous triangle, I, therefore, question the practicality as you can only rely on this and the arms that can tell the time in dark lighting. With this being questioned I left to test this, luckily it is just about visible to read the time, but could potentially be a problem for those who may require something more obvious. The chronograph functions work perfectly, this is due to the Japanese quartz, always a reliable and inexpensive movement to have! There is nothing difficult with using it, maybe if you were a newcomer to Chronograph then maybe understanding it can be tricky, what will help is referring to the email they send you when Lord timepieces send not long after the shipping confirmation email, under “Know Your Chrono”. Here is an image of it as its a very straightforward guide compared to the ones I have come across in the past with other brands.

The bezel remains stationary as the tachymeter is inside the face and not on the outside rim of the face like some chronographs, this is once again just about readable as the watch face is spaced out proportionately, although aesthetically pleasing maybe it would have benefited with a bigger font of the tachymeter markings or thicker rim. The dials inside that represent the various timers I believe is also affected by this, possibly the different colours they once had in the collection might have not had the same potential problem? Luckily the date window clear enough to view, it’s a classic chronograph feature which is wonderfully working too.

Lord timepieces watch review

Lord Timepieces Watch Review Verdict: 

Overall the Gunmetal Chrono Tan is a great starter for any Chronograph newcomers as the features are easy to use and function as they should, therefore being reliable. The colours for this particular model is also appealing that will certainly go with casual or work attire, but sadly I believe little tweaks here and there like the boldness and size of the fonts and luminous hour markers would have exceeded my expectations. Don’t get me wrong, it is still a gorgeous watch that is readable, but I can’t help but look a bit longer than usual to tell the time, besides that I would recommend this.


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  • Functioning chronograph, not decorative that keeps accurate time (Japanese quartz!)
  • Easy to use with an email of instructions
  • 5ATM water resistance (reasonable limit)
  • Clear date window  
  • Luminous arms
  • Interchangeable strap option (no tools needed)
  • Great colour combination
  • Good weight but not heavy
  • Stylish packaging and presentation 
  • 24-hour warranty
  • Free shipping worldwide
  • Sapphire coated glass



  • Simple uncluttered layout, yet slight struggle to read the time quickly
  • Strap colour could potentially fade if excessive with use
  • Limited variety of colours in the Chrono collection

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