Long Tail Keywords Are Important

There’s an old saying in the SEO world, we call in shouting into the void… the idea of creating an article or targeting a phrase that’s no one is searching for. We see it all the time in the marketing world, companies create endless blog posts but not specially target any words that matter, as a result they spend a huge time creating and writing articles that end up being read by no one. Well today I am here to teach you all about the power of long tail keywords and how we can use them for your business, let’s save time money and effort with a good digital strategy.

When creating an article the best thing you can do is research before you start writing, find out what phrases you can actually compete for in your industry and find out exactly what words or phrases people want to find. Once this research is done you need to follow a long tail keyword structure which makes it a lot easier to compete for, especially if your website is relatively new.

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I take it you’re tired of your website not getting enough traffic, yeah we get that… it’s annoying, you spend a lot of time writing articles, making them look good, publishing them, only for them to disappear in the ranks.


long tail keywords SEO

Well, we are here with a solution.. long tail keywords, for those people that don’t know what they are we are here to explain them! They are low volume, niche keywords but they are highly focused, if you can discover a long tail keyword before it comes popular just watch the traffic role in. Before we dive into that though, let’s talk about what makes a long tail keyword a long tail keyword.

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So let’s take the word ‘wine’, a highly competitive, high bid word, if I was to write an article on this word, the changes of me ranking for this are minimal, but let’s now take the word wine Worcester, the number of searches drop, but the chances of you ranking increase. Now change that word again to red wine Worcester cheap and you know how an incredibly specific phrase where the decrease but your chances rapidly increase.

Here’s a fun fact about long-tail keywords… There’s a common misconception among SEOs that shorter search queries have higher search volumes than longer ones. But that’s not the case anymore, users have become a lot more specific which allows enquiry numbers to shift.