Interview With Safe Spacing Solutions

Today we are here to talk about a new business in Worcestershire, a business with a mission to support and protect the people around us called Safe Spacing. They build and stock a range of Covid-19 office style furniture that can be built and installed quickly and effectively to all office and work environments to keep employees, staff and team members safe and allow us to go back to work. Their products have been designed with adaptability in mind, being flexible with demand and providing solutions to current problems.

Tell me about your business?

We are Safe Spacing, we provide the public with a range of workspace protection solutions, so that people can go back to work and adapt to the current environment we are all facing. Here at Safe Spacing we have a range of products that can be used within the office to stop airborne viruses and protect our team.

How did you start your business?

I got into this business by chance, my work has started to thin due to the current market we were facing so I wanted to create something that could be used by work-forces and help ease people back to their jobs.


What do you enjoy most about being in your business?

Helping businesses get back on track, its as simple as that. I’ve spoken to so many businesses that have been affected by the current situation, by providing the products we do we can help get certain businesses open again and start moving the right way.

What is the best USP about your current business?

We stock unique products to businesses around the United Kingdom, our dividers protect work-forces, assist in rebuilding confidence within teams and help people adapt to the environment around us.

What exciting things are happening in your business?

We’ve been up to some pretty exciting things recently, from developing new products to helping local businesses get ready for re-opening. These are exciting times for us and we look forward to showcasing our new products to the public.

safe spacing solutions

If you want to know more about Safe Spacing then reach out to them on their website or you can check them out on social media and see what they are up to or the products they offer.