The Best Instagram Trends 2021

If you use Instagram marketing to promote your brand, you have to follow the latest Instagram trends for 2021. In this short article, we show you how you can increase user engagement rate, attract more followers, boost likes, and have more comments on Instagram in 2021.

1.   Instagram Reels Take Centre Stage

In early 2020, Instagram saw its dominion over short, fun video content on social media under the attack of TikTok. The Beijing-based app had flooded the Internet with video features transforming regular Joe’s and Jane’s into overnight stars. Marketers everywhere started using the app to promote their brands, and advertising on Instagram took a short but noticeable dip in popularity.

Several months later, Instagram came up with its own version of the TikTok-like video feature, called Instagram Reels. While TikTok is still irresistible for most users looking for their 15 seconds of glory, the app is still light years away from the success of Instagram.

Most brands stick to Instagram and their followers, too. If you want to appeal to the 1 billion users that Instagram has, you should include Instagram Reels into your marketing strategy. TikTok is still 200 million users short of that figure, so for now, Instagram remains a more profitable venue for advertising.

2.   Instagram Stories Still Make the Difference

Over 25% of Gen Z and Millennials use Instagram stories to find products and services. The short-video feature is helping brands attract more sales nearly four years after its release. Some marketing campaigns start their plans with an Instagram Story idea and then build around it the rest of the presentation.

In 2021, Instagram Stories will remain just as relevant as they did in recent years. The best part about this feature is that there is more than just one way to use it. You can post surveys and polls to find out more about what your followers want or need. You can advertise your latest products, services, giveaway contests, and more by using quirky stickers, GIFs, and emojis to appeal to your audience.

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3.     Instagram In-App Shopping Can Boost Your Sales

As the pandemic rages on, more and more people are stuck at home browsing social media. With less travelling and fewer live events to attend, people spend their money on online shopping.

Instagram is very well aware of this phenomenon, so it makes it easier for its users to shop from their favourite stores through the app. It used to be that brands would ask their followers to “use the link in bio” to buy their products. Some still do, but today’s marketers use the in-app shop feature to help customers cut corners and get to the checkout page faster.

If you use Shopify or Big Commerce, you can easily set up shop on Instagram through those platforms. You only need to be the administrator of an Instagram Business Page and have a catalogue of eligible physical goods. With the in-app shopping feature, you can get closer to your customers and increase your sales in 2021.