Importance of Social Media For Small Businesses

Checking social media is a normal part of many people’s day, a quick scroll whilst waiting for the bus, or drinking a cuppa we use social media to fill a spare moment.  This is why it’s so important for brands to build their social media and create exposure on social media platforms. Today we are sharing the importance of social media for small businesses and why you should be looking into it more for your marketing plan!

But what are the advantages of having a social media presence?

  1. Brand awareness

Social media presence is a proven way to build brand awareness.  Social media allows you to showcase your business and build your brands reputation.  Whether it’s connecting with existing customers or building trust with potential client’s social media platforms allow you to establish your brand and create a community of customers.

However, it is essential to ensure you are consistent to gain the greatest potential from social media.  By having a regular brand presence across social media platforms businesses are able to build a base of potential customers and grow their business.

Self Paced Digital Marketing Courses

  1. Marketing

Social media marketing is an easy way to cut your marketing costs.  With social media marketing growing it is starting to become more popular than traditional marketing techniques.  Allowing you to grow your business exponentially without massive amounts of time or money.


In addition, social media marketing allows you to reach a targeted audience through your platforms.  Social media allows you to take advantage of user’s demographic information and target advertisements appropriately.


  1. What’s working?


Social media marketing allows you to easily see what is working for your brand and what isn’t.  So, you can carry on creating content your consumers will interact with.  This is done through analytics, which is monitored for you by the social media platform.  Allowing you to see how well each individual post performs, how many people you have reached, how many have liked, commented, saved and so on.


Therefore, you can focus on what works for your brand and continue to grow your social media platforms with content your consumers enjoy.


  1. Traffic


Social media plays a part in imporving your search engine optimisation (SEO).  Driving website traffic through social media can push you up to the top of a search page, as search engine bots search through the web sited which draw the most traffic.


So, creating content people want to see, increasing brand awareness, consistency and portraying a good brand image all help to improve your SEO and bring more traffic to your website.   Helping your to grow your business.

What actually is Digital Marketing?


  1. Customer service


Social media can allow you to build a tailored customer service, allowing you to respond personally to questions, possibly turning prospects into customers.  Social media can also allow for negative customer experiences into positives through quicker, more personal responses.


So, not only can it work to increase sales, but you can discover more about your consumers and work towards meeting their needs and expectations.  Improving your brand image.


If you would like to know how we can help you more with your social media marketing for your small business then reach out to us today or contact us on 07528000488 and we would be happy to answer any questions you might have.