2020 Hussingtree Gin Review

It’s been a while since I properly blogged, taking time developing my companies and so forth but as a fair few of you have been asking I think is time for me to come back, so I thought I would kick this off with a Hussingtree Gin Review.

Its always great to see local Gins pop up and prosper in Worcester, this company have been producing fantastic products and the reviews seem to all be five star! I recently have more of an opportunity to work with them as they are sponsoring my first Discover Worcestershire event in February, you can book in here if you are interested. I had the opportunity to sit down with Duncan Gilroy and really understand the process of this Gin, how its been developed and what their plans are for 2019 and beyond.

I had received a few sample bottles to try out and experience the taste, I have to say I’m a gin fan anyway but their blend is just fantastic, my favourite would have to be the plum spiced gin, a smooth taste which just goes down like a treat the perfect local gin for any occasion.

Hussingtree Spiced Plum Gin (40%): The gin combines juniper and plum with six further botanicals and spices. A well-rounded and smooth gin, it’s unmistakably fruity, but with a delightful twist. Worcestershire has become famous for its plums, with the Vale of Evesham in particular being synonymous with plum growing. The award winning Pershore Plum Festival is a key feature in the Worcestershire calendar during August. G&T suggestion: We suggest a premium neutral tonic, over a heap of ice, in a ratio of no more than 3 parts tonic to 1 part gin. Garnish with a thin slice of apple peel, or, a quarter of a fig.

hussingtree gin review

Hussingtree Gin. Inspired in Worcestershire.

“We’ve been overwhelmed by the local support since our launch last year.” Elaine Meredith, one of
three family members behind Hussingtree Gin, says. “Significant interest in our products, from
businesses and consumers, has opened up some exciting opportunities for 2019.”

The Hussingtree Team are building on their partnership with Church fields Farm, to deliver a set of
distinct gin experiences with a small number of regional venues.

And with the boom in gin still to reach its peak, there’s more on the horizon. The team are
establishing links with local producers and businesses, to create complementary product offerings
and brand extensions that will add value into the brand.

Elaine concludes, “We’re proud to be in Worcestershire and to showcase the county’s wonderful
produce through our range of premium gins. By working closely with other businesses in the area,
we’re living our ‘Inspired in Worcestershire’ promise.”

hussingtree gin worcester review

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