Hubbards Gin | Hot Source Photography

Last week we had the opportunity to do some amazing product photography for Hubbards Gin a new drink that has entered the market with a storm! Hubbards Gin dates back to post prohibition days and has been based on the Old English gin of the 1930’s. In collaboration with the award winning Union Distillers of Market Harborough they have created a truly unique flavoured gin which has used our London Dry Gin which is then blended with an additional 4 carefully selected botanicals to deliver an outstanding taste experience.

Their most popular choice, Casino Blend is now available for sale. Taking its inspiration from the classic Casino cocktail and with a blend of 13 truly outstanding botanicals this exquisite gin delivers a subtle taste of cherry with a woody and spicy finish but never loses it’s piney and aromatic notes from it’s juniper base.

Hubbards Gin Hot Source Photography

“Hubbards GIn was created following a meal out with some very dear friends. After a few beers I decided to have a gin and tonic. I was very impressed with the choice of gin but finally decided on an unusual flavoured gin. I could certainly smell the main fruit ingredient but someone had forgotten to add the gin !!!. I decided there and then that I was going to create my own flavoured gin which actually tasted of gin.”

We created three cocktails of his own cocktail design, crisp taste with a smooth finish is just the drink we need this year! A new gin with a great taste and a fantastic brand.

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