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Welcoming students at Hot Source work experience, last week we had our first student join us in our marketing department. This was such a milestone in our agency and what a great achievement for ourselves that students want to join our evolving agency and learn some new skills a long the way!

So let me introduce our first work experience student,  Alex dance: “

I have just finished my first year of A-Levels at St Augustine’s high school in Redditch.  I am currently studying Business, Sport and Applied Science.

After completion of my second year of A-Levels I would like to go to university and study a Football Business and Media course at either the UCFB Wembley or Etihad Campus. My chosen career path would be a professional referee in the Barclays Premier League combined with a media/sports role.

I have my own business, EA FIFA News, ​which is a news and medial outlet business which provides people who follow us an in-depth explanation and information regarding the latest FIFA news. The business is now in its second year and currently has 3 social media accounts where people can follow my news and my website is ( .”

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Over the course of the week Alex dance was tasked to look after one of our relatively new clients working on a range of tasks from social media content creation to social media strategies this allowed his to learn some new skills that can then apply to into his career, we showed how to achieve the results himself and gave him the tools to do this, so why did we do this?

Some people out there would think we were sharing secrets of the industry but as I have said before we are a different kind of agency we work with the principle of honesty and transparency this allows us not only work harder and quicker but it transfers skills and tools to those so want it. For example with any of our clients we sign we usually always include training, we give you the tools to do it yourself we do this because it allows you to understand the industry more and it gives us transparency as an agency to show you how we work and how we get the results you want.

Enough about that though, back to Alex dance. Over the course of the week we tasked him a range of challenges & problems ranging from easy to very difficult and at every stage he absolutely smashed it. Working to a very high standard, achieving everything we wanted on time and even challenged us as he thought outside the box.

hot source work experienceHis report writing was incredible, we gave him the tools to do it, we showed him what we needed to do but he put pen to paper and created fantastic reports in website strategy, social media strategy and marketing overview plans.

The whole team was overly impressed with his work and I’m sure he’s going to go off and do great things.

If you want Hot Source work experience, want to expand your knowledge into digital marketing in a relaxed environment with a great team them call 01527 832 365 and I’m sure we can set something up! In the meantime make sure you follow us on Twitter 🙂

Have a great day everyone,

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