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Good morning everyone, how have you all been? I have to say it’s been one busy week for Hot Source – marketing agency bromsgrove, from event planning to marketing strategies we have been back to back supporting local independents gain the exposure they need in this forever competitive market.

Today though I wanted to talk about social media marketing, it’s such an important tool if we use it correctly. Now while we as an agency we have had debates on where social media should be used and to what extent! However, we can all agree that as a marketing tool for your business it has great benefits, if it’s used correctly.

Hot Source Social media marketing

But what do I mean by ‘Used Correctly’ well it’s easy to push content out on your channels with messages you believe will relate to the users. However, the most important is to create a strategy with heavy research development into user basis, demographics, audience types and strategy plans. This way you can really understand your market the content you produce will relate more and engage more.

With and of our clients before we dive head first into content creation we make sure we have researched your industry extensively, this way we know what’s going to work and what isn’t.

Hot Source Social media marketing

We have worked on clients ranging from airlines to hygiene to children’s clothing to nutrition our social media packages make it easy to learn, engage and grow your business through digital platforms.

If you are looking into a social media management, want support but don’t know where to go we can help, we will make sure we understand your problems and provide you with them most up to date solutions for your business.

Call us on 01527 832 365 will answer all the questions for you and make sure you follow us on Twitter for all our latest news.

Have a lovely day everyone,


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