Hot Source Creative – KBB Show 2018

The theme of the KBB show is to address the next big things in the industry, to showcase the latest trends in home design, urbanisation and smart homes. Making your home interior better and more aesthetically pleasing.

Some of the stands there were huge!

This week Hot Source Creative attended the KBB show (Kitchen, bathroom & bedroom) show at the NEC. We attended for most of the week, and we have to say we loved it.

We hadn’t attended this show before but when we got there we were blown away by the vast choices the industry has, all the products you can purchase and all the new businesses that are growing in the market with their unique products.

Kitchen Bedroom Bathroom show
Maples and Birch were offering a range of unique bathroom flooring options. Make sure you check out their selection.

I love the designs of some of the stands, you can really see the creative effort people have put into designing them and making them stand out from the crowd. From stands that are little a house within a house, to a three-level stand with a slide… Or even having a marching band walk through the show playing some trendy songs, they really have outdone themselves!

NEC expo KBB
Loving the design of this stand, how cool is this back wall.

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Have a great day everyone.

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