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We recently had the chance to chat to a great new aspiring business situated in the heart of Worcestershire, Holistic Affinity. The crystal and gemstones business offering the public a spiritual approach to life. They established in 2020 on a mission to offer the world an alternative way to provide healing, they offer a huge range of products for multiple uses.

holistic affinity crystals

With affordable prices, realistic shipping charges to anywhere in the world and great customer service it is clear to see why so many customers shop with them. They offer an abundance of help, advice and assistance with your purchases too which makes it so much easier to understand which products will suit you and your needs.

One of the interesting products they are starting to stock are diffuses, as they understand its good to clear the room of bag energy and replace it with good, they stock a range of these on their site for your choosing.


holistic affinity dispenser

There are hundreds of crystals which all have unique properties that can be used for different things. We suggest that you have a browse yourself into what crystals attract you and what properties you need, they also have a helpline and text approach so that if you are struggling into what crystal you need or don’t know which one would fit your problem or personality they are happy to answer any questions you have to help you get started.

When you combine the healing properties of crystals with a forward thinking mindful approach to evolve you can take that first step to enlightenment and become the person you don’t just want to be but were mean to be.

holistic affinity review


Holistic Affinity stock a huge collection of Healing Crystal and Gemstones to suit both novice and experienced crystal healers, crystal enthusiasts and collectors alike. This means with their vast range of products they can always find the one best suited to you emotional needs.


holistic affinity


As a last little present they are sharing with us a 10% off your first order for you or a friend, all you have to do is on checkout use HA10% and your basket will be discounted, start your spiritual adventure today.

If you want to know more about Holistic Affinity Crystals or what they can offer you then head over to their website today, they have some great deals to choose from. In addition, make sure you follow them on social media as they share some pretty cool photos!