Google Analytics Confusing you?

Ever get those reports off Google, straight into your inbox, they look great, full of information but you have no idea what they actually mean, well you are not alone. We meet people all the time from different industries that want to understand Google Analytics but they don’t. Well we make learning Google Analytics easy, we take away all those pesky smoke and mirrors that you just don’t need and get down to the stuff you should actually know to benefit you or your business.

worcester google analytics reporting

Our courses are designed with you in mind, we take the level of understanding you have, the sector you work in, the type of information you need to know and create a course tailored to you. This course is designed to highlight what matters most for a marketer in this powerful reporting tool. In addition, it will help the users understand exactly what you need to know to make you look great.

“Google Analytics is the best friend of all SEO Specialist and Digital Marketer around the globe.”
― Dr. Chris Dayagdag

This Google Analytics course will give you peace of mind, it allows you to understand the fundamentals and apply them to any sector, job or industry. Here’s some of the things you will have learnt after you have completed this course with us;

Use and interpret analytics reports to measure what visitors want from and are doing with your sites/sites/.

  • Identify quality traffic and drivers of revenue and conversions to action and how to make sure you aren’t losing traffic.
  • Extract actionable insights from the Google Analytics reports to lead performance improvements.
  • See your visitors in real time on your website.
  • Work out where your traffic is coming from and why
  • See the areas in which you site could be improved
  • Behaviour flow and what’s working

google analytics reporting worcester

“Tracking marketing is a cultural thing. Either tracking matters or it doesn’t. You’re in one camp or the other. Either you’re analytical and data-driven, or you go by what you think works. People who go by gut are wrong.

If you want to know more about Google Analytics or our training courses available then contact us today on 01527 832 365 and we would be happy to answer any questions you might have. In the meantime how about checking out some of our recent posts all about analytics and how they can benefit your business!