Exclusive Interview With Studio Fourteen Interiors

I recently had the opportunity to work with Studio Fourteen a local interior and commercial design company based in Worcestershire. After sitting down with them properly and having a chat did I really understand the full range of services they offer. It’s great to see local companies like this grow and hear their process. So with that in mind let me show you the exclusive Exclusive Interview With Studio Fourteen Interiors, I hope you enjoy.

What piece in your portfolio are you most proud of?

We are proud of every project we do, our main aim is to create a room, area, design that not only meets but surpasses the clients expectations and requirements delivering and installing the project on time, hassle free for the clients. Seeing the satisfied reaction of each client in all sectors at the end of the project is what we are most proud of.

Studio Fourteen Worcester

How do you come up with inspiration for your work?

Every where, I am constantly looking at interiors, finishes interesting fabrics and pieces of furniture, as well as keeping up to date with new trends with the interiors industry.
Our clients themselves have a big influence, such as their personal style or corporate image, the building/ room has an influence as well.

What do you consider when designing?

We always take in consideration what our clients requirements are for each room asking key questions what they use it for? How often? Who will be using it? as well as considering the natural light, any key features original or new to be added to enhance a room or area, these considerations are used for both residential and commercial projects.

What do you know about sustainable design?

We have a focused effort on all projects to be as sustainable as we can from the design stage, reusing/updating items where we can, specifying items from suppliers who responsibly sourced products, through to installation stage recycling a much as possible reducing landfill waste using eco friendly welfare facilities for our work force.
Is there any interior design style you favours/ dislike?
There isn’t any style we particularly dislike, I would say our main style can be described as classic contemporary, we enjoy fusing styles especially with period properties.

studio fourteen interiors limited

How do you keep up with industry changes?

We always try and keep up to date with industry changes by visiting many design shows around the country as well as keeping close contact with our suppliers, being members of professional bodies and attending seminars.
Do you prefer functionality or appeal?

It has to be a combination of both, we enjoy the challenge of meeting the clients specific requirements for a particular room or piece of furniture while ensuring it’s in keeping within the design. The bespoke library is a key example of this where the main function of the room was to house the clients collection of precious books of various sizes & shapes as well as creating a masculine, inviting library that had a contemporary style set with in a period property.

Were you artistic as a child?

Yes always enjoyed being artistic when younger, redecorating my bedroom on a regular basis, designing furniture and making soft furnishings for friends and family.

If you want to know more about Studio Fourteen Interiors then head over to their website today for the latest portfolio work. If you have any more questions then contact me on James@hotsourcecreative.com

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