Discover Worcestershire Launches Discount Card

We have some exciting news to share, Discover Worcestershire has launched is launching its first ever Discount Card, how exciting is that? In partnership with some great people and the support from some fantastic companies we have been able to create and execute Worcestershire’s first ever Community Discount Card! This will give discounts into a range of companies and allows us to connect Worcestershire businesses, the fantastic community around us and the brilliant tourism to create a more fluid growth in Worcestershire which will hopefully support the economy and the great local independent companies around us.

Worcester Discount member card

So how does it work? Well its simple, get your hands on one of FREE discount cards and start using it that day, getting offers from loads of places around Worcestershire and even better if there is a business that you use that isn’t listed we can contact them on your behalf and find out if they would give and discounts to their amazing customers.

To start with it will be launched in selected places which we will make really easy to access, as well as that the first 1000 that are going to be given to the public are offering an exclusive deal that no other discount is offering, in partnership with Alexanders and The Brick Room (More news to come on this soon).

Discover Worcestershire

If you’d like to know more about the Discover Worcestershire Discount Card or you’d like to know more about how you can get involved today then message us at or you can call 01527 832 365. Make sure you check out their website here and follow them on social media!

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I hope you all have a great day.

Hot Source.