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The goal of Hot Source Training is to make sure that people finish our courses with the ability to immediately put into practice what they’ve learnt. Our courses are for people who want new skills that they can use now.

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This thorough one-day course focuses on the fundamentals of digital marketing including how search engines really work, research techniques for keywords, social media as a marketing platform as well as planning immediate actions to increase web traffic and generate business through direct digital media. There’s a lot to cover but we keep it straightforward, practical, useable and as jargon free as possible.


This training course assumes that you are familiar with the essentials of digital marketing and explores the more advanced aspects of this subject to take your skills and knowledge to the next level. This course focuses on advanced techniques and strategy including influencer management, competitor analysis, return on investment techniques, conversion strategies, cascading landing pages and semantic search.



This course covers all the essentials of WordPress development including setting up a WP platform, installing themes, formatting; adding and editing posts and pages, image styling & organisation, menu management, plugins, page editors, responsiveness and the fundamentals of tagging and on-page search engine optimisation. This course is ideal for businesses wanting to train an in house team to help manage a website.


This practical and hands-on training course explores all the key aspects of Google Analytics and shows you how to monitor your traffic, understand traffic sources and link to systems that will help you understand which pages are being visited and why. The course also covers content reports, using goals and filters, landing pages, linking to Search Console and use options like dimensions and segments for deeper insights.



All our SEO training is 100% appropriate for your business. Our SEO training courses are all tailored to ensure that your current website and digital footprint have been reviewed by us prior to the course affording a detailed analysis of your website and immediate practical recommendations. The courses cover all aspects of SEO from keyword-based on-page optimisation to how to survive a Google algorithm update.


Using social media platforms for business has become a vital part of the marketing mix. Delegates will understand the essentials of social media and what can be done to harness and leverage its ability to build relationships, manage reputation and generate traffic that converts into clients. We will also introduce a portfolio of tools and software programmes to assist businesses to manage their social media objectives.


Writing for websites, mass email and social media is a creative skill that must always balance valuable content with readability in a way that truly captures a person’s attention. This real-world workshop demonstrates how to create digital copywriting that keeps readers on your website and social media channels. Learn how users interact with digital pages, what layouts work best and how to use keywords naturally and effectively.


Pay per click (PPC) advertising campaigns allow you to ensure that your website and what it offers appears on the first pages of the search results and you only pay if someone clicks on that advert. It’s a quick and often effective method of maximising your website's visibility. This course covers how to select the right keywords, develop compelling copy, build conversion pages, budget daily rates and monitor the return on your investment.


Affiliate marketing is a type of online business that generates profit by promoting and selling other companies products for a profit. For corporations it’s a great way to source new customers and for entrepreneurs it’s a practical and profitable way to start online business. This course covers strategy development, practical ecommerce, marketing integration, online affiliate SEO, product evaluation, affiliate networks and content marketing support.


Using email to promote your business can be both affordable and cost effective. It’s also a great way to stay in touch with clients and prospects. Still, you’ll need to get it right if you don’t want your communications to end up in a spam folder. Discover how to write a compelling email, the best time to send them, monitoring results and, most importantly, how to get the emails to the people that you need to read them.


Influencer marketing is a powerful way to promote your offering and establish great credibility. Influencers are usually independent and trusted experts that have a substantial following. Some of the topics that this course covers include creating an IM strategy, choosing the right influencers, building relationships, managing content and content creation as well as legal and licensing considerations.


Need to set up a webstore or sell more from the one you already have? This course explores all aspects of ecommerce from setting up a website to ensuring that you have the best payment gateway. It also looks at promotions including on and offline marketing, the basics of affiliate programs, tools and techniques to boost results and many real world examples of entrepreneurs who got it right and why.

All our courses have been designed to equip delegates with in-depth technical knowledge of digital marketing as actionable real world skills which they can transfer directly to their workplace. People learn best by doing it themselves and our integrated theory and workshop approach produces great results.

Our mission is to empower businesses by providing them with the digital marketing skills that have become so essential in this internet age.  We will work together with you to ensure the right training solutions for your organisation. Please fill out the form below and one of our team will get in touch with you soon.   If you would like us to call you, we’ll need you to include your telephone number or you can call us on our training hotline: 01527 832 365.

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