Why Sharp Content Is Key To Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Let’s talk about your digital marketing strategy! – Content, there’s such a vast amount of it! To give you an idea of actually how much is produced let me share a few statistics. Facebook users generate 4 million likes every minute, there are 500 million tweets sent each day – that’s 6,000 tweets every second – and around 95 million Instagram photos are uploaded every 24 hours.  We now produce more content in a week than was produced during the entire 18th century.  But … there is a problem.  With so much content being uploaded it’s tough to make sure that your message will always break through to your desired audiences.  Not all content is created equal.

Of course, for the positive execution of a social media strategy regular content is key but sharp and relevant content is better. Sharp content cuts through the hubris. What’s most interesting is how the behaviour of the average user has changed over the years.

Hubspot state that 47% of buyers engage with 3-5 pieces of content before directly engaging with a company. What does this mean? It means that content is key to any digital marketing strategy.

This also means that the approach to sales communications has shifted.  It means that as consumers we need to be encouraged and persuaded before making a purchase decision.  Some experts believe that the surplus of information hasn’t made buying a product or service easier – it’s made it harder.  There are so many conflicting pieces of advice available that most consumers just wind up confused.  In a world of uncertainty you need to have a clear strong approach with your content creation, only then will your business have a real chance of converting leads into sales.  Your content must be sharp and confident.

What I want to do today is give you some free advice about changing your content strategy.  By following these straightforward guidelines you will find it easier to implement new ideas and digital marketing actions to supercharge your business.

Content can be used to engage with your desired audience during every step of the buying process.  These can be categorised into the following three steps.

  1. The awareness stage: This happens when a buyer identifies that they have a problem that they need help to solve. This is the most crucial stage and you need to be prepared.  They will use the internet.  Will they find your content or your competitors?


  1. The consideration stage: This is when a potential buyer investigates to solve the problem they’ve identified. The internet offers unlimited research opportunities for people to find out about you, your company and its products.  Everything they find about you has to be positive, confident and convincing. This is your digital footprint – your online reputation.  Get it right and you’ll soon be the supplier of choice.  Get it wrong and you’ll never hear from them.


  1. The decision stage: So this is when a buyer chooses what they believe will be the right solution for them. This is also going to be the ‘money-talks’ stage where you have to make sure that you are the solution to their problem.  This is content designed to close the deal.

Here are some different types of content you should be including in your digital marketing strategy to engage with potential consumers at every step of the buying process.  This is in addition to your social media.

Keyword researched blogs: Blogs – topic specific internet articles – are a very important tool when it comes to generating awareness. Your audience is not always going to be ready to buy from you when they first learn that you exist.  You need to keep your business at the forefront of their minds.  You can achieve this by producing blog articles that are relevant and valuable to your audience.  Your blogs become a trusted source of information and when a customer is ready to buy you’re in the pole position.

What you always have to consider though is the audience you are writing for and what you want them to do.  To achieve this you will need keyword researched, SEO optimised content that truly explores themes that are of importance and topical to your market.  You must write about topics for which people are searching.  Anything else is vanity publishing and no better than shouting into the void.   Use keyword research to discover what people want to read because once you know then you’re already 50% of the way to getting the results you want.  Remember – it’s not about what you want to sell it’s always about what people want to buy. Your content is a sales force in its own right.  It must engage, persuade and close the deal.

Engaging video: This is incredibly important and must be a part of your digital marketing strategy.  Video engages users so much more powerfully than static images. To give you an idea, 100 million hours of video content are watched on Facebook daily. When Instagram introduced videos more than 5 million were shared within the first 24 hours.  If this hasn’t convinced you already then take note of this – a staggering 5.01 billion videos are watched every day on YouTube alone. Remember that old saying, “A picture speaks a thousand words” well then a video speaks ten thousand more.  What’s even better is that video can be used at any stage from initial launch to sales completion and follow-up customer care. Do remember though, sharp content is key, video needs to be insightful, memorable, engaging and – most important of all – shareable.

Gated content: If you’re looking at creating strong leads for your business and your digital marketing strategy then gated content is the way forward.     Gated content is information that can only be accessed in exchange for a commitment from the user.  This can range from email registration through to a fee-based subscription.  If people are prepared to give you something in exchange for your content then they are genuinely interested and need what you’re offering.  It is one of the most useful ways to establish top-level leads for your business sales funnel.

To create gated content that people will still be prepared access, you need to consider these points:  It needs to be persona driven, focused on one main point and beautifully presented.  If you can do this then you are one step closer to executing your perfect strategy.

These few pointers are really just the tip of the iceberg in a forever-changing digital market. Your business needs to be prepared with the right tools, advice and support.  Only then can you compete and grow in the highly competitive world of digital marketing.

If you want to know more about me or about developing your digital marketing strategy – or the other key types of content you need for your business – you can contact me by emailing James@hotsourcecreative.com or call me on either 01527 832 365 or 07528 000 488 and I will be happy to answer any of your questions.

Have a great day.

James Vincent