Local Democracy Day Malvern Hills Council

From improving public transport to planting more trees, students came up with ideas to reduce carbon emissions in the Malvern Hills Council District as part of Local Democracy Day.

During a visit to the Council House in Malvern, the 25 Key Stage Three students from The Chase School, Dyson Perrins Academy, Hanley Castle High School and Tenbury High Ormiston Academy took part in a range of challenges.

The students were tasked with developing an action plan and presentation containing five top priorities for the council to focus on in order to help the district to reduce its overall carbon emissions.

The plans focused on public transport, planting more trees, stopping plastic packaging and looking at planning and housebuilding.

The overall winners were Dyson Perrins Academy, with awards handed to individuals for Best Individual Contribution, Best Teamwork and Best Presentation.

The event is part of the Malvern Hills District Council’s Youth Plan which aims to increase understanding of what the council does, to make young people a part of decision making and raise awareness of careers in local government or politics.

Cllr Sarah Rouse, Leader of Malvern Hills District Council, said: “We were so impressed with the students and the effort they put into their action plans and presentations. The ideas put forward were well thought out and the students’ passion for their local area clearly shone through. These events aim to raise awareness of local democracy, how local authorities operate and how people can get involved in the decision making process.”

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