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Courses digital marketing is a product of Hot Source Creative, to showcase all their latest digital marketing courses as well a platform to help teach businesses, start-ups, charities and more. This self developed platform is a way to advertise our latest training courses, collaborations and recent news.

Great company! Have a lot of people there with some brilliant ideas. Highly recommend Hot Source Creative for any business/marketing enquires. – Alex
Students at a lecture in the atrium of a modern university
Students at a lecture in the atrium of a modern university


A great digital agency with a fantastic offer and service… well recommended. – Richard Collinson
Spacious modern lecture theater
Spacious modern lecture hall theatre with lighting on dropped ceiling and seats


We offer a range of courses from social media, pay per click advertising, digital marketing overview and more, we have trained countless companies around the world from local clothing companies to large printing companies. We have been able to execute one on one training courses to large scale team training to help internal teams grow through digital education.

You or your team could really benefit from a modern digital training courses, all courses are focused on the induvidual with tested sessions and workshops on a range of topics like , SEO, social media marketing, Google Analytics, crisis management and more. Our professional training team will help you understand whats most important for your business and team, with each training course is curated to the person.


University Students Attending Lecture On Campus
University Students Attending Lecture On Campus

CDM helps organisations of all kinds prepare for the ever-evolving future of digital. Our curated, tried and tested and 5* rates collection of top rated business courses give companies of all sizes the competitive edge they need, develop the in house skills of your team and keep your team one step ahead of the competition.

Its so important to never stop learning and in digital marketing it never stops, so stay one step ahead of the competition by learning a new skill. Make sure you check out their website today on Courses Digital Marketing today and see all the latest courses. In the meantime, head over to our portfolio or social media where you can see the latest news.