City Council ready to support Worcester through virus crisis

The Leader and Deputy Leader of Worcester City Council say that critical services to the public will be maintained during the on-going Coronavirus outbreak.

Waste and recycling collections, street cleaning, bereavement services and support for vulnerable people including rough sleepers and flood victims will be prioritised as the Council works to support the welfare of residents and ensure the city continues to operate as well as possible.

Some council officers will be moved from their normal duties to help with key services, but the welfare of those staff will be prioritised at all times.

Councillor Marc Bayliss, Leader of Worcester City Council, said:

“No one in the city will be unaffected by the impact of the Coronavirus outbreak and the City Council will play a leading role in supporting and reassuring our residents and businesses.

“I have been working with the Council’s officers to put arrangements in place to make sure that the most important services that we know our residents depend on can all continue to operate.

“Our residents and businesses can rest assured that we will ensure bins are still collected and the streets are still cleaned. We are also prioritising the Crematorium and support for homeless people, rough sleepers and victims of the recent floods.”


Councillor Adrian Gregson, Deputy Leader of the Council, said:

“Like most organisations we now have many of our staff working from home but we are focussing our resources on those areas that we know are top priorities for our residents and businesses.

“At the same time we are prioritising the welfare of our staff, providing them with regular updates and health advice. We are helping them to work in different ways, to reduce face-to-face contact. Where they do have to self-isolate, we will give them all the support they need.

“The City Council is also preparing to administer the support scheme for businesses that the Government has announced and we will be announcing more information on this very soon.

“While the Coronavirus outbreak continues I would encourage people to stay in contact with their friends, family and neighbours, offering support where they can without risking their own health.”

The Coronavirus Worcestershire (COVID-19) outbreak presents a significant challenge to businesses around the globe. The UK government, including the health and social care systems, have planned extensively over the years for an event like this, and the UK is therefore well prepared to respond in a way that offers substantial protection.