Best Working From Home Tips

So you’re working from home, we get that, these are unusual times. But take it from someone who does a lot of working from home there are some rules and tips we have learnt through the years to keep us on track to achieving goals, keeping working on track and being productive.

Modern home office
Computer with chart with stock market data on screen, gadgets, textbooks and houseplants in home office of business person


01. Wake up at the same time and stick to it.

Its so easy, you wake up, alarm goes off but you realise you don’t have to drive anywhere… The first day isn’t so bad you get out as bed as usual, coffee on, dressed and you start the day but then its the day after, five more minutes in bed, its not going to hurt anyone but before you know it a week has passed and you’re getting up three hours later and your out of office has been turned on… Yikes.

02. Have a routine when you wake up.

A routine is so important the problem is without structure you can quickly loose that routine you usually follow. From what seemed like simple tasks like doing your hair, wearing respectful clothing and eating breakfast at breakfast time quickly turned into PJs everyday and breakfast at noon. Keeping that routine will help you keep work on track and keep you focused.

03. Plan your workout and do it.

I usually work out in the evenings, I walk to the gym, 45 minutes to an hour and I’m done. This way I’ve left the house, got some fresh air and exercise and I know the day is done. But, with everything going on at the moment, leaving the house is an issue so home workouts have to do. But you have to make sure you stick to the same time every day otherwise it can be so easy to miss that exercise you probably need.

04. Call it a night.

Yes, that’s right its time to turn off the computer, stop replying to emails and put your feet up. When you’re at home it can be easy to blend work and down time together, meaning the days can be all over the place, before you know it you’re working until 11pm and your brain is fried. Its important to switch off, wind down and deal with some of the problems tomorrow otherwise you can quickly burn out.


Green home office
Green home office interior with a computer on the desk, wooden cabinet and poster on the wall

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