Things To Do Worcester | The Launch

Its the official launch of Things To Do Worcester, It’s great to see this fantastic project take shape! For those who don’t know what it is, Things to do Worcester is project launched by James Vincent and partners as a tourism platform for Worcester. This project will hopefully help Worcester’s tourism from locals to tourists to new people living there. 

The idea behind is it to have one platform for all of Worcester, from events to businesses, to places to attractions. All in one place to help everyone find out the information they need, discover new places to eat/drink and to experience new events without missing out.

Things to do Worcester

Things to do Worcester will allow you to search from a postcode, to see surrounding attractions to plan the perfect day out. You will be able to discover great places to eat and drink after your day out or even find a good hotel to rest your head after an exciting day with family or friends.

As well as geolocation search there is also an interactive map which will showcase all the details you need from parking to pet-friendly information. This program will allow you to know the details of the places you want to visit before setting on your adventure.

There is also a fresh content blog which is updated daily on news/press releases events and information you need. From up and coming musicians to where the best places for a vegetarian meal are. Don’t worry we will have you covered.

As well as all of this we will also have an interactive event system which will keep you informed of all the local events happening, ones in the future and booking options. We will be able to take bookings for any local events from our website to make it easier to attend the ones you want to go to.

Things to do Worcester search

There is so much to do in Worcester, so much to see! We want to give the opportunity to people who live in Worcester and are coming here for a visit to experience everything it has to offer, and also give them the chance to discover somewhere new.

This is just a snippet of what Things to do has in store, watch this space!

If you want to know about Things To Do Worcester can benefit your business or attraction get in contact with them today on or reach out to them on social media! 

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