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Digitial Solutions Today from Hot Source Creative. Our values are simple; we focus on doing what is right for our clients because when they achieve their business goals – so do we. Together we set objectives and work alongside each other to define the achievable and deliver it.  There is no silver bullet to success – just solid strategic planning, creative digital implementation and serious persistence, that’s why at Hot Source we help you, train you and prepare you for the highly competitive digital markets, so let us talk to you today about our digital solutions.


So the real question is what services do we offer and how can we benefit you? Well, let me tell you, so sit back, grab the coffee and let us show you what we can do for you.

Digital Marketing Training Workshops

One of our most popular services we offer to our clients is digital marketing training workshops; we teach you everything from Copyrighting and editing articles for SEO purposes all the way to 12-week programs where we teach everything you from what digital marketing means all the way to analysing trend reports preparing for campaigns. We can come to your offices, you can come to yours, we are flexible to make it easy for you to learn.

Digital Marketing Advisory 

We advise we don’t like to think ourselves so much as consultants but Digital marketing advisors. You see, we will provide you with constant support and information that is up to date and relevant to your business. We integrate ourselves in your concerns; we then keep you up to date we digital solutions that can help you. The thing with the digital market is continuously changing; it’s updating it goes up and down and sideways sometimes, so we make sure you’re kept up to date with that.

Websites & E-Commerce Websites

We have developed a range of websites, from small to large. From one-page showcase websites all the way to highly sophisticated digital e-commerce websites managing hundreds of orders a day. We work around your budget and what you want to create.

Social Media Support

One of the most significant problems we found with businesses is managing time. When your business is growing and you have everything to manage from stock to employees the last thing on your mind is social media. However, social media is one of the essential tools to promote your services, products or business. But social isn’t something you can do once in a blue moon; you must manage it and push it to its full potential. We provide daily support and campaign plans to keep it growing.

Strategic Marketing & Digital Plans

When producing digital marketing plans and strategic digital approaches for business. We have assembled a simplified approach through research and experience to create these plans. This includes setting objectives, marketing activities, workshops and an extensive review of the performance of your existing channels, past and present campaigns and analytic reporting.

Digital Marketing Research

One of the most significant services we offer is research; we help you understand your market. Everyone’s is different, from children clothing to logistic solutions in Germany, not one market is the same, not one is going have the same answers and results. So we here at Hot Source provide extensive research into your markets, competitors and business, this way we are integrated and understand your business from the very beginning.


If you are interested in knowing more about how we can provide you with digital solutions, you can email us at, or you can call us on 01527 832 365. If you want to see what we are up to on a daily basis check out our social media. 


Hot Source Team