5 Things to Know Before Running an Ad Campaign on Instagram

Instagram ad campaign, a very clever way of pushing your post to the correct audience at an accelerated rate. While Facebook does run a very smart program, Instagram ad manager is very different. They will both provide you with various, unique results. What I’m here to do today is provide you with some useful information before running an ad campaign with Instagram.

instagram advert

1. There are two types of Instagram ads

There are two types of Instagram adverts; both will appear in the feed and story ads.

Mobile feed adverts will appear in any users Instagram feeds, much like Facebook’s regular news feed adverts. They can consist of several types of formats. Including a single image, a video, or carousel ads that use both— and they can be saved like normal posts. These adverts will let you add clickable CTAs that take users to the destination of your choice.

2. There are a number of ad formats to choose from

Instagram’s mobile feed ads aren’t limited to a single image (though these can be extremely effective). Your ad could include:

  • A single image
  • A single video
  • A carousel ad, with a minimum of two images or videos that users can scroll through
  • A slideshow ad, which is a looping video ad that contains up to 10 images

By having this type of flexibility for your advert you can create a very powerful impact for your potential customers.

3. Maximum video lengths are shorter than Facebook’s

Something you do have to consider when developing adverts for Instagram is that if you are developing video content, you need to consider that Instagram video length are shorter. Which means any marketing material you use needs to be adapted to this.

4. You don’t need to use hashtags

Naturally, when you post anything to Instagram you want to make sure you reach the highest audience, but when you use ads on Instagram it already inputs your audience, demographics and interests so you don’t need to worry about hashtags.

5. High engagement means Instagram ads are worth the cost

Though Instagram adverts may cost more than other platforms, the high engagements make it worthwhile. Instagram organic content consistently has some of the highest engagement rates. This is something to consider when aligning your advertising budget.

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