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Over the weekend Hot Source Creative was at the Worcester Food Festival representing one of our clients The Brick Room. The Festival is the perfect place for local businesses and the community to get together and showcase their amazing food to the public.

Chefs Worcester

The Worcester Foodie Festival is a great place to see all the tasty treats Worcester can offer you. It offers over 60 stalls of delicious food and drinks from local and selected businesses. There are even demonstrations and master class workshops.

Worcester Food Stands

Hot Source Creative was speaking at one of the demonstration stands at around 11.00, did you see us there? The food/drink went down so well! It went down so well there was not one drink, bagel, toothpick or napkin left!

Worcester Food Festival Stands

One of the many services we offer at Hot Source is public speaking and exhibition/event support. Not everyone likes public speaking, so we are here to help. Because we are so integrated with our clients, we usually know them inside out which makes it so easy to us to help our friends at their events.

The Brick Room Worcester

If you have a business that needs exhibition/event support, then get in contact today at 01527 888 700, and we will be happy to assist.

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