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Marketing Agency Redditch: Hot Source Creative is a fully integrated network of highly skilled individuals supporting the growth of your company in the digital sphere. Making sure you keep up to date with current trends, newest programs and latest techniques to not only survive in this hostile digital market but thrive in it.

Today we are sharing some of the top SEO tips to give you a sneak preview into the type of things you should be considering before firstly choosing how to grow your business in the digital work but how to make sure you are going to get your money’s worth.

Here is the typical process a lot of people take to ‘crack’ SEO 

  1. Conduct keyword research to discover what people are searching relating to your industry
  2. Pick a series of high volume low competitive phrases
  3. Build content around those phrases and topics
  4. Launch some pages thrown some links in there
  5. watch the traffic roll in (hope for the best)

There is one huge problem with that process it’s a real hit or miss process. Every day we try and keep up with google and what’s going on in its brain and the means it takes, but every day we are two steps behind. You see a lot of SEO experts will stop after step 5 but we at Hot Source Creative believe that process is just the tip of the iceberg.


marketing agency redditch
marketing agency Redditch


Here are some SEO tips you need to consider

Page matches the searcher’s intent: In other words, the page has a high probability of being what the user is actually looking for. For a person to land on your page that had an enquiry, if that is answered they will stay for longer.

Search engine results from clickstream data: This may include measuring the search results that users actually click, as well as the pogo sticking effect.

Task completion: The user is able to complete the task they set out to do. In other words, their questions have been completely answered. This improves the probability that they will then click through to more pages.

But even after you have done all that you now have to manage that page/post.

Measure results, tweak, and repeat!

Now that your results are live, you want to measure present performance against past data. After a few days or weeks,  (whenever you have enough data to make statistically significant decisions, this can naturally differ depending on your website age and industry) you want to specifically look at:

  • Rankings, or overall impressions
  • Clicks and click-through rate
  • Engagement metrics, including bounce rate, time on site, and conversions
creative marketing agency redditch
Marketing Agency Redditch

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