Don’t Under Estimate Social Sharing

Today I’m here to talk about the power of social sharing, how powerful social media can be. Now when I was younger, platforms like BEBO and MySpace were around, these were one of the first platforms that allowed people to connect with friends/strangers online. As time went on, social media platforms like Facebook were launched, and their slogan alone is “Connecting People” which it does.

Today at this point there are billions of people currently using social media, telling us about their day, their lives, their businesses and interests. This is what social media does it allows you to connect with a larger audience at an accelerated rate.

Imagine a music artist from Japan; he has just posted a brand new track on SoundCloud; he has then shared it on Twitter with 2000 followers, that track may go big in London before it even hits the Japanese social channels. It may get retweeted and share in America and sold in South Africa before his friends even hear about it.

The best example is one that has happened recently, a guy from America tweeted Wendy’s saying “How many RT for an endless supply of chicken nuggets” they, of course, responded with an incredibly high number which was 18 million. But, with perseverance, his tweet got shared millions of times. So much he’s been in the world records now for the highest RT’d tweet.

Companies like Google, Microsoft, etc. all jumped on the back of it, and it went totally viral. Now, of course, we can no way promise that for your brand, but what we can do it understand influencers, know the trends and give your company the opportunity to reach larger audiences.

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