Channel 4’s personalised ads: Creepy or Cool?

So … are Channel 4’s personalised ads … Creepy or cool?
Channel 4 recently announced a brand new interactive VoD format that enables advertisers to incorporate the individual names of their ‘All 4’  viewers into the audio of their adverts for the first time.

Using first-party data from Channel 4’s 15 million active registered viewer database, launch partners: Foster’s, 20th Century Fox and Ronseal are first to take advantage of this pioneering innovation by using audio-personalised, targeted-digital campaigns that launched ‘All 4’  this month.

This means they can produce incredibly personalised adverts that relate to you and only you… creepy right? Well, not as scary as you think as all they have done is taken your public data that you gave them and turned them into a new kind of advert. When you sign up for a newsletter or a service, you click ‘confirm’ on advertising services. You know when you click okay on those nasty terms and conditions that you didn’t want to read – well within those endless documents it often does say they can use basic information about you for advertising purposes.

Have you ever had a newsletter where you know it’s just a standard advertisement, but it seems personalised? ‘Good morning Oliver May, we know you like these products so we thought you’d like this?” What Channel 4 have done is taken personalised adverts into a new era, where products, services, deals and promotions relate to you and only you.

‘4 Sales’ were behind the world’s first visually personalised TV campaigns with Coca-Cola and Burberry in 2015 which saw viewers’ individual names appear on bottles of Coca-Cola and Burberry perfume bottles, but now Channel 4 have jumped onto it too!

This means that if brands like Channel 4 are using it, it won’t be too long until most brands out there have the opportunity to use a service which personalises adverts just for you.  We think that this is going to be be like Marmite – you’ll either love it or hat it.

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