SEO 101 | The Cake In The Box Theory

It’s a fact that people who are interested in SEO they will often ask the same question “What is it and how does it work?”  Now, many agencies would then proceed to explain the concept in a very smoke and mirrors way.  When put under pressure they would add a sprinkle of madness and a whole lot of waffle. Well here at Hot Source Creative we’ve worked out the best way to describe it (In a nutshell), and that is by using the cake in the box theory.

Imagine your website is like a cake, it’s a beautiful three story cake covered in pink icing and looks so appealing to just about everyone. You know that your cake looks good and you want to show it off. You invite your friends and family over so that they can come along and have a slice of that cake. Brilliant, right?

Now, what happens when you want to show other people your cake.  People who are not close friends and family.  People who don’t know that its there. Well, some people might hear about the cake and want a slice; some may look but not want any.

Now, imagine that SEO is like you walking through a busy high street holding your cake. However, when you start your cake is inside a box, this box is closed tight, and no one can see inside.

You could walk all the way along this busy street with hundreds of people passing you by.  Still, no one knows you have this beautiful cake you want to show off. Why, because you have the lid shut tight and no one can see inside.

Now relate this to the real world. You have a website. It’s a fantastic site and you have worked incredibly hard on making it look good.  You’ve most likely spent a lot of money on getting it looking perfect but if no one can find your website, what was the point?

That’s why SEO is so important; we make sure that when your site is built and goes live, we start work on it immediately so that people that don’t know about your website, your business or you have the possibility to land on it, see it and engage with it.

Let’s go back to the cake, you are now walking down the street, you have that cake in your hands, but now everyone can see it.  You feel good and walk from one side to another but this time a large percentage of people are looking at your cake because it’s out of the box.  Some people come over and try a slice, some just want to look, and some want to buy your cake and other cakes you’ll make in the future.   Many of these people will then they tell other people about your cake skills and now you even have the chance that individuals that weren’t even on the high street will come and find your cake.

You see, SEO isn’t just an option anymore, its critical.

“Let them eat cake.”

We hope you enjoyed the cake in the box theory, if you want to read more click here.